Why The Role Of A Job Recruiter Is Very Important To The Employer ?

Why The Role Of A Job Recruiter Is Very Important To The Employer ?The process of recruiting employees can be time-consuming and tiresome especially when it involves a huge company with lucrative vacant positions. There are so many jobless people out there and this means that when a job vacancy is advertised, it normally attracts the attention of numerous applicants. Time management has always been a crucial requirement in every business establishment but this can only be achieved if there is proper diversification of tasks. This is why it is important to find out why the role of a job recruiter is very important to the employer.

Screening the Applicant’s Credentials

A job recruiter has the best recruiting tips to help in screening the credibility and significance of the applicant’s CV to find out if they are suitable for the advertised job. This is a positive step because it saves the time that would have been spent by the employer to go through the details of every applicant. This is also beneficial especially if the advertised job vacancy has received overwhelming response from various applicants. As the employer, you will not have to waste your precious time trying to verify and analyze the details of every applicant in a bid to find the most suitable one.

Interviewing the Candidates

The hiring managers are normally charged with the responsibility of interviewing various applicants for a specific job vacancy but this can be tiresome and time-consuming depending on the number of candidates waiting to be interviewed. Besides, not all hiring managers have the best recruiting tips to identify good candidates suitable for the vacant position. This is where a job recruiter comes in to interview the applicants with the major aim of trimming the list by retaining only the suitable ones. If a job vacancy has more than 10 applicants, the job recruiter carries out a preliminary interview to come up with around 3 of the best candidates suitable for the job. The details will be forwarded to the hiring manager for further screening thus easing the whole process.


As an employer, you probably have so many things to attend to and it will be tiresome if you decide to coordinate the activities of various applicants for a new job vacancy in your company. You may not have the time to contact the candidates personally to notify them about a particular interview date and the schedule in advance. Such tasks can always be executed by a job recruiter thus giving you the chance to focus on other crucial issues in your company. The job recruiter comes in handy especially if the interview will be conducted by a selected panel. The panel may include supervisors, head of departments, senior managers and other important people in the company. The recruiter will be in charge of coordinating interviews and informing the selected candidates about a specific date when they are expected to appear before the panel for further screening.

Background Checks

Some applicants do not provide legitimate information such as work history, educational background, experience, titles and references in their resumes. Such false information may be too hard to detect especially when the employers do not have the right recruiting tips. They are normally busy with managerial tasks and that is why they may not be keen with every detail provided by a particular candidate. However, job recruiters have the right recruiting tips to help in carrying out background checks to an extent of involving law enforcement bodies if necessary. They even call the previous companies where the applicant claims to have worked just to find out the credibility of the provided information. When the final list of candidates is presented to the employers, the chances of hiring the wrong person are very low.


This is normally referred to the act of finding suitable people who are currently employed to work with new companies due to their high levels of experience and skills. In such a case, the selected candidates may not be looking for jobs but the recruiters use advanced recruiting tips to lure them to apply for new and lucrative positions in various companies that are currently hiring. These are the major reasons why the role of a job recruiter is very important to the employer.